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Kincaid Wolstein Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Kincaid Wolstein Vocational Rehabilitation Services


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Kincaid Wolstein Vocational & Rehabilitation Services is a dedicated service provider specializing in vocational evaluations, earning capacity, life care planning, and career counseling. Our expertise lies in personal injury, marital, and employment law matters. We offer personalized, hands-on services, paying close attention to detail to ensure the best results for our clients.

Our wide range of services includes Earning Capacity Analysis, Employability Analysis, Vocational Testing and Evaluation, Career Counseling, Vocational Rehabilitation, Case Management, Life Care Planning, and Litigation Support. We cater to various legal case types, such as Personal Injury Accidents, Wrongful Death, Malpractice, Workers' Compensation, Premises Liability, and Divorce.

Our life care plans encompass essential components like Medical Equipment, Routine Medical Care, Home or Institutional Care, Home Structural Adaptions, Assistive Technology Needs, Transportation Needs, Projected Evaluation, Projected Therapies, Surgery, Medications & Supplies, and Diagnostic-Educational Testing.

At Kincaid Wolstein, we dedicate our expertise and resources to providing objective vocational evaluations and life care plans. Our comprehensive reports are designed to instill confidence and trust in judges and juries. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality professional service while treating each individual with dignity and respect.

Contact us at 201-343-0700 for a no-charge initial consultation. We look forward to assisting you in achieving the best outcomes possible.

Additional Info

1. Vocational Evaluations: Assessing clients' skills, abilities, and potential in the context of employment.

2. Earning Capacity Analysis: Estimating future earning potential based on various factors, such as education and work experience.

3. Life Care Planning: Developing long-term plans for individuals with disabilities, considering their medical, educational, and personal needs.

4. Career Counseling: Providing guidance and support to individuals seeking career changes or growth opportunities.

5. Personal Injury, Marital, and Employment Law Matters: Addressing legal issues related to accidents, relationships, and the workplace.

6. Comprehensive Service Range: Offering a diverse array of services, including Case Management and Litigation Support.

7. Customized, Hands-on Approach: Tailoring services to individual needs and paying close attention to detail.

8. Legal Case Expertise: Handling various legal case types, such as Workers' Compensation, Premises Liability, and Divorce.

9. Life Care Plan Components: Addressing various aspects of life care planning, including Medical Equipment, Transportation Needs, and Projected Therapies.

10. Objective Evaluations: Providing unbiased, comprehensive reports to instill confidence in judges and juries.

11. High-Quality Professional Service: Ensuring client satisfaction through dedication to excellence, dignity, and respect.

12. No-Charge Initial Consultation: Offering a complimentary first consultation to discuss client needs and expectations.

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